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Today in funding: Rivalry, Hardbacon, Facedrive, DataJoy, Mavennet

Rivalry raises $20 million USD Series A roundToronto-based Rivalry, which offers an esports betting platform, has raised a $20 million USD Series A round of funding. The new funding will be used to help scale Rivalry’s international expansion through its multi-country licencing program. Hardbacon crowdfunds $1.1 million from FrontFundrMontreal-based artificial intelligence (AI) and FinTech startup Hardbacon has announced it has raised $1.1 million in funding through equity crowdfunding platform FrontFundr. DataJoy plans to expand to Vancouver with $6 million USD in fundingDataJoy, a FinTech startup looking to help businesses track financial information, has raised a $6 million USD seed round of funding. Mavennet receives $1.1 million from federal governmentToronto-based Mavennet will receive $1.1 million in funding over the next two years to pilot its technology solution for the Canadian steel industry.

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