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YishengBio Raises $130M in Series B Funding

YishengBio Co., Ltd., a Beijing, China-based fully integrated biopharmaceutical company, closed a US$130m Series B funding round. After completing the Series B funding round, the company’s institutional investors include: OrbiMed, Oceanpine, EightRoad, F-Prime Capital, 3W Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Adjuvant Capital, MSA Capital, AIHC, Epiphron Capital, Superstring Capital, Haitong International, etc. YishengBio’s YSJA™ rabies vaccine is the first alum-free lyophilized rabies vaccine launched in China. The rabies vaccine has been commercialized in China and has served over 16 million patients for post-exposure protection against rabies. Being able to accelerate post-exposure immune protection,PIKA rabies vaccine has the potential to lead in the rabies vaccines market in the future.

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