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Zee5 Once Again Caught In Data Breach; Info Of 9 Mn Users Exposed

The leaked data of at least a few users, as was possible manually, has been confirmed to be genuine and of Zee5 users. An anonymous hacker uploaded a sample of the full leaked dataset, with details of 1 Mn users, on an AnonFiles link. In July last year, a hacker had claimed to have stolen data sized 150 GB, of Zee5 users, which he planned to sell online. As of December 2020, Zee5 claimed that the platform had 65.9 Mn monthly active users (MAUs) and 5.4 Mn daily active users (DAUs). Data of 20 lakh credit score records was leaked from Delhi-NCR based fintech startup Chqbook, while data of 3.25 lakh users of crypto exchange BuyUCoin was also compromised.

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