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The 'new normal' is now: how to adapt your business for the future, focusing on today

Reassess the needs of your customersImage: Cytonn Photography via UnsplashWhat used to be important to your customers may no longer be. Start by redefining the situation of your current customers and move towards defining the desired customer segment, that customer who under these conditions not only wants your product or service, but can also pay for it . Image: DocuSign via UnsplashPart of the success of a business model is its structured compliance for a prolonged period, however, recognizing what as a business model has lost its validity and updating it without pain is just as important. The sooner you identify which part of your business does correspond to the new priorities of your market and which ones have become obsolete, the faster you can adjust to current market demand and align the operation. So it is perfectly normal that the crisis and the economic contraction of the sectors has taken the majority by surprise.

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