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Online Credit Marketplace FinanZero raises US$ 7 million in a new round led by Swedish investors

FinanZero, Brazil’s online credit marketplace, has closed a US$ 7 million funding round in its fourth round of funding. The round was led by the Swedish investors VEF, Dunross & Co, and Atlant Fonder, all previous investors in the company. FinanZero was founded in 2016 by Swedish-Brazilian investment firm Webrock Ventures and Swedish entrepreneurs Olle Widén and Kristian Jakobsson. In total, FinanZero has raised US$ 22.85 million since 2016. Olle Widén, Co-Founder, and CEO at FinanZero said, “The volume of credit applications on our platform continues to grow exponentially, with an average of 750,000 applications per month, generated to our 50+ lending partners.

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