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Grata Expands Seed Round To $9.5M

Grata Expands Seed Round To $9.5M Back to HomeNEW YORK, NY, Grata, the search engine for discovering small to middle market private companies, today announced it expanded its seed round to $9.5 million. Grata received broad support in the expansion from its existing investors who were joined by new investors Flex Capital, Touchdown Ventures, and others. Grata previously announced its initial seed round of $3.2M in October 2020, which was led by Bling Capital and included Accomplice and Alumni Ventures, along with current and former private equity, investment banking, corporate sales, marketing, and business development executives. This new investment brings its total capital raised to $9.5M and will enable Grata to deliver users an enhanced search experience through new, qualitative data points, a versatile API, and deeper integrations. Grata is the first search engine for company discovery, providing a single source of truth to find small to middle market private companies.

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