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Orchid Blooms With $4.5M Seed For Preconception Test To Determine Genetic Risks

0 Couples often aren’t able to know how their predisposition for certain diseases will affect their children’s health, but Orchid wants to change that. Traditionally, preconception genetic screening analyzed only 2 percent of one partner’s genome and was only capable of detecting rare genetic disorders because genetic datasets weren’t large enough to identify the millions of variants that collectively contribute to risk for major diseases, Siddiqui said. In contrast, Orchid’s preconception system analyzes both partners’ genomes and assesses genetic predispositions to common diseases, including heart disease, stroke, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer and diabetes. If elevated risk is detected, Orchid provides insights to help couples monitor biomarkers, adapt their diet or elect for procedures, such as in vitro fertilization. In addition to those services, Orchid will begin to offer an “Embryo Report” for couples interested in mitigating genetic risk to disease, later this year.

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