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Highlights from Berkeley SkyDeck’s virtual demo day – TechCrunch

Highlights from Berkeley SkyDeck’s virtual demo day We take a closer look at six of the companies in the accelerator's latest cohortWith 17 startups participating, Berkeley SkyDeck’s Demo Day isn’t the largest cohort we’ve seen by any stretch. “We are also hearing chatter that Demo Day will be larger than ever before because virtual events are much more scalable.”The 17 startups presenting today were whittled down from 1,850 applicants, according to the accelerator. “In six months, you’re going to pitch on stage at demo day, to an institutional investor in your industry,” Executive Director Caroline Winnett tells TechCrunch. Here’s a closer look at six highlights from this Demo Day. “Apparel brands are scrambling for new, low-impact fabric that will allow them to meet their ambitious sustainability goals,” CEO Taylor Heisley-Cook tells TechCrunch.

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