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T-Mobile is upgrading all monthly subscribers to unlimited plans for free

T-Mobile announced on Wednesday that it will upgrade all existing postpaid phone plan customers to unlimited plans for free. It’s also announcing a promotion for customers of competing carriers interested in switching to T-Mobile, so AT&T or Verizon plan owners on fixed data plans can trade in their phones for a free Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone and a T-Mobile unlimited plan with 5G access. “Today, 60 million Americans are stuck on limited data plans from Verizon or AT&T … most with limited or no 5G access. “And if you’re an existing T-Mobile postpaid customer — including all former Sprint customers — still on a limited data plan, you’re covered, too. T-Mobile is making a substantial push to sign up new subscribers and get more existing ones onto its 5G network, and today’s announcements mark some of its most aggressive marketing yet with its offer of free phones and free unlimited plan upgrades.

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