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Building and leading an early-stage sales team with Zoom CRO Ryan Azus – TechCrunch

This year at Early Stage, TechCrunch spoke with Zoom Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Ryan Azus about building an early-stage sales team. Azus is perhaps best known for leading the video-calling giant’s income arm during COVID-19, but his experience building RingCentral’s North American sales organization from the ground up made him the perfect guest to chat with about building an early-stage sales team. We asked him about when founders should step aside from leading their startup’s sales org, how to build a working sales culture, hiring diversely, how to pick customer segments, and how to build a playbook. Below, TechCrunch has compiled a number of key comments from Azus, and afterwards we’ve included the full video from the interview as well as a transcript. And so it’s important to be very hands-on for a while to really understand while you’re trying to figure out product-market fit.

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