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The 28 Italian startups to watch, according to top VCs

To find out, Sifted spoke to three Italian VC funds — P101, 360 Capital and United Ventures — and asked them about the most promising Italian startups (which weren’t on their portfolios). Among the key takeaways are just how many Italian startups grow out of university R&D labs and the near-complete absence of Italian startups in the south: almost all are based in Milan, Turin, and Genova. Of the 28 startups listed, 19 were available for interviews — the rest were written up using information taken from Pitchbook, CrunchBase and the startups’ own websites. Valuation: €60mAmount raised: €3.8mDate founded: 2018Revenue: €2mUsers: 10+Employee count: 40Headquartered: Genoa6) MoneyfarmMoneyfarm supplies advice and personalised assistance to private investors. Valuation: N/AAmount raised: N/ADate founded: 2013Revenue: €3.05mEmployee count: 39Headquartered: Modena8) ChitèChite produces sustainable, customisable lingerie for women of all body types.

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