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Dhanvarsha Finvest announces capital infusion of Rs 658.3Mn led by Aviator Emerging Market Fund to bolster lending to MSMEs

Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited, a technology enabled financial services company, announced the completion of INR 658.3 million capital infusion led by Aviator Emerging Market Fund (AEMF) which include a marque list of international investors such as Porter Collins and Vincent Daniel. Aviator EMF is SEBI registered FPI investor which has carved out a niche focus in the Indian financial services sector particularly in NBFC’s and microlenders. Dhanvarsha Finvest is a technology enabled financial services company that financially empowers the unserved and underserved micro small medium enterprise (MSME) entrepreneurs of India. Promoted under the aegis of the 80-year-old Wilson Group of Mumbai, with a vision to not just achieve a broad-based financial inclusion but to achieve this financial inclusion with a greater social purpose – an opportunity to build social capital. The Aviator Emerging Market Fund operates under a Category 1 Global Business License issued by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC).

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