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Mexico is the country with the most 'sugar daddies' according to the SeekingArrangement dating app

In this sense, Mexico leads the rankings as the country with the most 'sponsors' for these girls, according to data from the dating app SeekingArrangement . An analysis by SeekingArrangement , the world's largest 'sugar dating' application, revealed that in Mexico there are about 183,302 'sugar daddies' available. For their part, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Costa Rica and Panama have 540 thousand 444 Latino sugar daddies. https://t.co/nXqvU6rnP1 pic.twitter.com/Hpt86QfDzo - Seeking (@seeking) April 10, 2021The platform attributes the proliferation of 'sugar daddies' in Mexico to two main factors. SeekingArrangement is currently the world's largest sugar dating site, with 22 million members globally.

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