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[Funding alert] Cloud kitchen platform ZFW Hospitality raises nearly $150,000 in pre-seed round

Mumbai Angels Network, along with California-based accelerator Expert DOJO, and three other angel investors, has invested close to $150,000 in Delhi-based cloud kitchen platform and Huddle-backed ZFW Hospitality. Image Credits: UnsplashZFW helps F&B and D2C brands grow sustainably through its vast network of cloud kitchens and fulfilment centres. “Cloud kitchen and fulfilment network ZFW will help recognised F&B brands maximise utilisation of kitchen space and enable their asset-light expansion. It will also help brands that are on the path to profitability and have already figured out their unit economics,” said Nandini Mansinghka, Co-promoter, and CEO, Mumbai Angels Network. “The F&B space is getting more competitive by the day due to daunting tasks, more players, and the rising costs of customer acquisition, new geography expansion, and operations.

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