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Artio Medical Closes $12M Tranche of Series A Financing

Artio Medical, Inc., a Praire Village, Kan.-based medical device company developing innovative products for the peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and structural heart markets, closed an additional $12m tranche of Series A financing, bringing the total to $46m. The company intends to use the funds to complete the first-in-human clinical study of its Amplifi™ Vein Dilation System and prepare for commercialization of its Solus Gold™ Embolization Device. Led by F. Nicholas Franano, MD, President and CEO, Artio Medical is a medical device company committed to developing innovative products for the treatment of peripheral vascular, neurovascular, and structural heart diseases. The Amplifi Vein Dilation System, which aims to prepare hemodialysis patients for successful vascular access site creation, has shown promising results in initial clinical testing. The Solus Gold Embolization Device comprises a low-profile, flexible catheter assembly and a non-porous, gold balloon-like implant and is designed for precise placement and immediate vessel occlusion.

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