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SafetyCulture’s Valuation Hits $1.6B After $73M Raise

0 Australia-based SafetyCulture raised a $73 million funding round at a valuation of $1.6 billion, doubling the company’s valuation from its $35.5 million raise a year ago. SafetyCulture’s platform helps its more than 28,000 customers perform checks, report issues, automate tasks, train employees and communicate to drive safety and efficiency in the workplace. Anear started the company in 2004, after spending seven years as a private investigator for insurance companies eyeing worker compensation fraud. In 2011, the company unveiled its operations platform to help companies in different sectors comply with safety checklists and help monitor issues, Anear said. The futureAlong with growing its platforms, SafetyCulture also may use the new money to make acquisitions, Anear said.

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