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7 lessons from Silicon Valley for early-stage Indian startups

With already 10 unicorns early in the year in 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been indeed historic for the Indian startup ecosystem. Bengaluru has been dubbed as India's Silicon Valley, but the early-stage Indian startup ecosystem can use some learnings from its western counterpart to promote more aspiring startup entrepreneurs in this hugely talented country. There are some valuable lessons for early-stage Indian startups from Silicon Valley as it has over five to six decades of groundbreaking developments, while the Indian startup scene has started rising from 2010. Embrace failure and quickly adapt to be more responsive and flexibleA failed entrepreneur is a badge of honour in Silicon Valley. Summing upOver the last golden decade for Indian startups, India has seen the emergence of startups with a valuation of over a billion dollars, putting India on the global map for budding startups.

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