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Despite controversy, Costco will continue to review buyer tickets and Profeco cannot prevent it

However, the controversy is not enough to stop this practice, which Cost will continue to implement as confirmed. For its part, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office ( Profeco ) exhorted self-service stores from Twitter to stop reviewing purchase receipts. # Newsletter | Profeco asks self-service stores to stop reviewing consumer receipts. https://t.co/sVXBT02GaP pic.twitter.com/j9WZovHtBS - Profeco (@Profeco) April 29, 2021The bulletin also indicates that it is “an act of unjustified annoyance” and they suggest possible solutions such as implementing consumer orientation mechanisms, better training staff and / or improving the control of charges and products sold. To report this practice, Profeco invites consumers to contact the Consumer Phone number 55 5568 8722 and 800 468 8722, or send an email to: [email protected] .

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