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WhiteHat Jr Drops Defamation Suit Against Pradeep Poonia

The BYJU’S-owned company had sent the legal notice to Poonia last NovemberEdtech company WhiteHat Jr has decided to drop the $2.6 Mn defamation suit against critic Pradeep Poonia, according to Poonia. WhiteHat Jr had also issued a takedown notice against some tweets posted by Poonia, which he had adhered to. The high court has also asked for the specific URLs to be taken down from his YouTube handle Pradeep Poonia 3.0. Besides Poonia, WhiteHat Jr had also filed a $1.9 Mn defamation suit against angel investor Aniruddha Malpani, who had earlier been banned from LinkedIn for crticing BYJU’S. [This is a running story, the article will be updated as we receive more inputs from WhiteHat Jr or Pradeep Poonia.]

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