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Neuroelectrics raises $17.5m to transform epilepsy treatment

Barcelona-founded brain science startup Neuroelectrics has raised $17.5m to fund a Phase 3 clinical trial that could transform the lives of millions of people suffering with epilepsy. A recent pilot study of 20 participants showed that Neuroelectrics’ neurostimulating electrical headcap, Starstim, can significantly reduce seizures in patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy, non-invasively. These are patients whose epilepsy does not respond to medication, meaning surgery is the only alternative. Other applicationsWhile epilepsy treatment is Neuroelectrics’ most advanced clinical application, the Series A round led by Morningside Ventures will also be used to fund a pilot study for treatment of major depressive disorders. But as the pandemic took hold last year, patients weren’t able to freely visit hospitals to access this treatment, creating an opportunity for Neuroelectrics.

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