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Startups fight COVID-19: This startup provides a solution to reduce wastage of COVID-19 vaccines during last-mile transport

According to the World Health Organisation, more than 50 percent of vaccines that end up getting wasted globally every year take place during distribution, particularly at last-mile delivery. For vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccines, to retain their efficacy and potency, it requires robust cold chain equipment, particularly in the last mile of its long and complex journey. To plug this gap and ensure vaccines are not wasted at last-mile delivery, Manipal-based startup BlackFrog Technologies is in talks with government officials for the deployment of its solution, Emvolio, which is a portable temperature-regulated carrier for safe last-mile transport of vaccines and other biological products such as blood serums, specimens, and medications. This is done by ensuring that the vaccines, both routine and COVID-19 vaccines, are stored and transported at correct conditions in last-mile delivery. A healthworker in Manipur using Blackfrog's Emvolio solution for safe last-mile transport of vaccines and other biologicals“Beyond that, any large-scale procurement would certainly be through the government of India itself, and we are in talks with officials for this.

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