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Minnow Raises $3M in Seed Financing

Minnow Technologies, a Seattle, WA-based IoT startup that has developed a contact-free food delivery and pickup solution called the Minnow Pickup Podâ„¢, raised $3m in seed funding. The round, which brought total seed funding to $6.4m, was led by Branded Strategic Hospitality with participation from Elevate Capital and Portland Seed Fund. Led by Steven Sperry, co-founder and CEO, Minnow provides IoT-enabled Pickup Pods which offer a contact-free way to deliver and pick up food. The pods are being used by all of the leading food delivery services, as well as by restaurants and ghost kitchens that make their own deliveries. They are installed in office buildings, multifamily residential properties, and college campuses throughout the United States and in Japan.

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