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A Look at 'Judge Judy' Sheindlin's Sky-High Net Worth as Her Syndicated Court Show Comes to a Close

June 9, 2021 3 min readIt’s the end of an era, as famed judge and star Judy Sheindlin has finally ended a 25-season run dispensing justice and memorable one-liners on her eponymous syndicated series, . Viewers instantly connected with Sheindlin's matter-of-fact attitude and decision-making upon the show's debut in 1996, which stemmed from a successful career in family law as both a prosecutor and supervising judge. But Sheindlin isn’t ready to leave our screens (or living rooms) just yet. Keeping up with the times, the courtroom icon will be starring in a new streaming show called Judy Justice, set to air on Amazon’s IMDb TV. For the time being, re-airings of her iconic flagship show might have to tide fans over, as there are reports Judy Justice may not surface until 2022.

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