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Small Businesses: The Great Comeback and More

Small Businesses Bounce BackInnovation and Adaptation Lead to Small Business GrowthActiveCampaign surveyed small businesses on their company growth, sentiment, and technology usage over the past 12 months, as well as their outlook for their businesses. Small Business RecoveryKabbage, an American Express Company, issued the second installment of its Small Business Recovery Report tracking U.S. small business recovery and growth through 2022. Over 80% of small businesses do not expect another lockdown, with most small businesses feeling optimistic their companies will return to pre-pandemic levels this summer—both in terms of profitability and staffing. The UPS Store Inside Small Business Survey also highlighted the different stressors affecting consumers and small business owners—42% of small business owners were most concerned about money/finances vs. 31% of the general population. Worldwide, an average of 23% of all payments to small businesses are late, despite most small businesses saying they are proactively working to mitigate overdue payments with incentives for early payments and late fees.

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