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CIBC Innovation Banking looks to fuel Canadian tech rocketship as ecosystem soars

With an explosion in capital entering Canadian tech, CIBC Innovation Banking has emerged as a sophisticated player in the space. Long active in the Canadian tech ecosystem as a startup backer and limited partner in venture capital firms, the bank has ramped up its fund banking services in recent months. “The CIBC Innovation Banking team is a strategic partner for Maverix Private Equity as they not only anticipate our needs, but the needs of our portfolio companies,” Ruffolo told BetaKit. Roberts said CIBC has made a substantial effort to take itself from “non-player” status to “probably first or second place” among the big five banks when it comes to innovation banking. “We’re committed to becoming one of North America’s leading client-focused banks in the innovation ecosystem,” said managing director and head of global investment banking at CIBC, Roman Dubczak, at the time.

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