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Today in acquisitions: OSF Digital, Brüush, Pluribus, Semios, NeuPath, VidHug

Over the past week, a number of Canadian tech companies have been involved in acquisitions, including OSF Digital, Brüush, Pluribus, Semios, NeuPath, and VidHug. OSF Digital acquires Relation1Québec-headquartered commerce and digital cloud company OSF Digital has acquired another Canadian firm, Relation1. Founded in 2003, OSF Digital aims to help brands through their digital transformation journeys, specifically as it relates to B2C and B2B commerce. OSF Digital has made a number of acquisitions, with its most recent being New Zealand-based Adept Group in May, which came on the heels of a $52 million Series B round of funding for OSF Digital. Relation1’s team, including its leadership, is set to join OSF Digital and the company’s brand will be integrated into OSF Digital.

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