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Fintech startup TreasurySpring raises $10M for platform giving online access to fixed-term funds – TechCrunch

FTF products allow for investing into some of the safest assets, including U.K. government bonds, U.S. government bonds and highly rated corporations. They allow holders of large amounts of cash (such as charities, private funds, family offices, etc.) TreasurySpring is a fintech startup that is aiming to open up access to this area of financial markets by creating a fixed-term fund platform. TreasurySpring says its FTF platform gives holders of large cash balances online access to a menu of proprietary cash investments on a daily basis. That said, bank deposits and money market funds are still the only tools available to most holders of large cash balances, so the banks and asset managers that offer these products are competitors, “to an extent” admits the firm.

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