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Exclusive: Specto Launches Mobile Performance Platform With $3.25M Seed

4 After two years of building its platform, San Francisco-based Specto has launched with a $3.25 million seed round as it looks to help companies bring a better mobile experience to their customers. The round included investment from Susa Ventures, Fuel Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Liquid2 Ventures, SV Angel1, Mike Vernal and Mary Pimenova. Starting outStrasner spent four years at Facebook, helping the social media giant develop its own in-house mobile performance measurement tools. Chris Howard, founder and general partner at Fuel, said most tools on the market to measure mobile performance are adapted from platforms that do the same for web applications — which are very different. Although the company is just launching, it does have “tens of customers” already using the platform, Strasner said.

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