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How Stock Market Social Investment Platform StockGro Grew Its User Base From 100K To 5 Mn In 15 Months

Last month, the startup announced that it had acquired 5 Mn users just 15 months after its launch in July 2020. StockGro’s Journey To 5 Mn UsersBefore setting up StockGro, Lakhotia had been a capital market investor for 12 years. However, the key pillars of the niche startup — a stock market knowledge game targeting young people and an engagement-driven community of stock market enthusiasts — called for a different approach away from Google and Facebook marketing. Of Challenges And TargetsBuilding a successful community-driven platform is difficult, and building it around a niche and complex domain like the stock market is harder still. The startup hopes to double its user base to 10 Mn before March 2022 through these initiatives, empowering all who deeply desire to learn the nuances of the stock market and earn financial independence.

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