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Rotation Playbook: 3 Strong Stocks to Buy Now

That’s why we’ve put together a rotation playbook that includes some of the best stocks to buy amidst all of the different moving parts in equities at this time. contributor/ - MarketBeatMorgan Stanley (NYSE:MS)The financial sector has been quiet over the past few weeks, yet stocks like Morgan Stanley are seeing inflows again during the recent rotation. That’s why Nucor should be in your rotation playbook, as it's one of the best steel stocks to consider owning for the long term. United Parcel Service (NYSE:UPS)Another area of the market that could benefit from money rotation out of high-growth stocks is the transports sector, with United Parcel Service standing out as one of the best buys there. It wouldn’t be surprising to see UPS rally to new highs heading into 2022, so consider adding shares of this transportation giant in the coming sessions.

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