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OYO’s ESOP Pool Worth Around $1 Bn To Cover More Than 80% Employees

The startup's offer includes issuance of fresh shares worth INR 7,000 Cr and an offer-for-sale amount to INR 1,430 Cr. As per Inc42 calculation and OYO’s previous regulatory filings, OYO has a total ESOP pool of 638,240,000 options, which will be worth close to $1 Bn upon conversion. Back then the startup has allotted 80 preference shares and 5 equity shares to US-tech giant Microsoft. Its total expenses in FY21 was INR 6,936.07 Cr compared to INR 22,800.12 Cr in FY20. Its employee benefits expenses came down by 63% to INR 1,742.12 Cr in FY21, from INR 4,765.28 Cr in FY20 due to several layoffs.

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